Membership Information

Portrait of pupils looking at globe with their teacher

Structure of the Peoria United Parent Council:

Membership Application: PUPC Membership Application

General Meetings will typically consist of a business segment to cover updates from committees, announcements, and updates from the school district, as well as a program segment to hear speakers or presentations on topics of interest to parents.

In addition, community wide events such as candidate forums and special presentations by key players in the issues that affect our children in school will be calendared as warranted within the discretion of the membership.

Representative Members:

Each PUSD campus may appoint 2 parent Representative Members to the PUPC. Representative Members have voting rights in the PUPC and can serve on the PUPC Executive Board. Annual dues for Representative Members are $60 per campus.

To become a Representative Member, please fill out the form above.

Associate Members:

Any individual not designated as the Representative Member for their school can join PUPC as an Associate Member. Annual dues for Associate Members are $10 per individual. Associate Members may attend all General Meetings and Participate on PUPC committees, but do not have voting rights and cannot serve on the Executive Board of the PUPC.

To become an Associate Member, please fill out the Associate Member Form.

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