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The Peoria United Parent Council is an entirely volunteer-driven organization. Should you need additional information, please contact one of our volunteer Executive Board members below. They can be reached at:  Thank you for your interest!

Executive Board 2020-2021

President: Jill Melaragni (Frontier Elementary)

Treasurer: Lisa Naylor (Sahuaro Ranch Elementary)

Secretary: (Open)

VP Membership: (Open)

VP Programs: Danielle Padia (Desert Palms Elementary)

VP Communications: Rachelle Morris (Lake Pleasant Elementary)

VP Legislative Issues: (Open)

We would be happy to have additional expertise via a committee structure. If you would like to serve on one of our PUPC Committees such as Membership Committee, Legislative Issues Committee, etc. please contact the chair VP of that committee via the PUPC email address.

2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello – My son will begin attending kindergarten at Marshall Ranch school in the upcoming school year. I heard they are considering switching to a 4-day school week and are voting on it at the board meeting this Thursday (3/26). What is your stance on this? I have many concerns and wanted to get the parent council’s opinion on the matter.

    1. Thank you for reaching out to us. We hope that as parents look at these type of proposals they will focus on the underlying problem, which is the state budget. Our school district continues to be forced into hard decisions because of budget cuts and many of them are not popular with parents. It is time for parents to stand up and tell state law makers that we are not happy and we expect them to put education first. Parents can make an impact, but only if they speak up. This is not about one political party versus another, this is about what is best for our children. Yes, parents absolutely need to engage with their local administrators and school boards and let them know what is important to them, but parents also need to look a step further to where the problem originates and demand from the state the public education funding that our children and our community deserve. If you wish to see the presentation with Option A and Option B that will be put before the Governing Board on March 26th, you can find it here:

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